Video Production Course 2011

In response to requests for a block of introductory video production training, MediaLab has put together a two day (8 hour) training package introducing basic technical skills relating to video production. Includes: Editing with Final Cut Pro, Camera use, shooting for sequences, sound recording, and more.

If you are a student or a member of staff at St Andrews Unviersity, and you are iinterested in attending a future course, please contact contact Steve Smart to find out more.


Video Clips:

Course Notes:

Other resources:



  • Rogue Productions St Andrews Student Film Society
  • MediaLab on YouTube
  • Bubble TV (St Andrews Student TV)
  • BBC Academy
  • Media College (free online media tutorials)
  • VideoLAN I'm advised that that .movs made with HM100 can be viewed on PCs using the VLC player availabel free from VideoLan. It is possible to switch the HM100 to record .mp4s instead - these work better on PCs, but not so good on Macs!



  • Documentary Storytelling for Film and Video Makers
    Sheila Curran Bernard, Focal Press

  • Making Documentary Films and Reality Videos
    Barry Hampe, Owl Books, Henry Holt & Co

  • Digital Video handbook
    Tom Ang, Dorling Kindersley

  • DV Film Making
    Ian David Aronson, O'Reilly