Borrowing Regulations & Good Practise


This page has rules for borrowing equipment for MediaLab certified video production equipment borrowers. 'certified' generally means people who have completed a MediaLab Video Production training course.

Guidelines on good practise are also given below.

As more people have joined the equipment loan scheme, a written regulation and a good practice guide have become necessary...

Please could everyone intending to borrow equipment read the regulations and guidelines below carefully.


  1. There is no upper limit on how many items of equipment may be borrowed at once, however borrowers should only take as much as needed.

  2. The maximum length of loan is one week, provided that it does not conflict with other people's booking at the time of confirmation of the booking.
    However borrowers should only take the equipments as long as needed.

  3. Borrow and return dates of equipment should be discussed and agreed with Wayne at time of booking.

  4. When taking out the equipment, borrowers should sign a borrowing form which is retained by Wayne on behalf of the medialab and/or media service team.

  5. Borrowers must return the equipment to MediaLab no later than 5.00pm on working days, or no later than 9.30am on Monday if the equipment is taken out during weekend. Late equipment return counts as one 'strike'.

  6. Borrowers are responsible for the equipment during time of borrowing. Borrowers should report any damage or loss promptly using forms provided with the equipment. Any damage and/or loss of equipment or of some part of equipment counts as one to three 'strikes' depending on the severity of damage and/or loss.

  7. Failure to report loss or damage to equipment counts as an additional 'strike'.

  8. The Medialab and Media Service team have priority in using the equipment. In the unlikely event that an urgent return of equipment is required by Medialab and/or Media Service team, borrowers should accommodate as much as possible.

  9. If a borrower has accumulated three strikes, his/her elligibility to borrow will be removed.

Good practice guidelines:

  1. If the equipment is only needed sparingly during a long period, it is advisable that the borrower makes separate bookings. For example if equipment is needed for filming on a Monday and on the following Sunday, the borrower should make one booking for the Monday and another booking for the following weekend (Friday-Monday).

  2. If the camera is borrowed, it is helpful if borrowers charge the batteries and wipe out any data in SD card before returning the camera.

  3. Borrowers should operate the equipment properly. If in doubt, consult Wayne or Steve, or read any available manual and/or guide come with the equipment.

  4. Borrowers are encouraged to make themselves contactable as much as possible through email and phone during the borrowing period. Ensure that your mobile phone is on and with you at all times, and check your email frequently if possible.

To make a booking please contact Wayne by email or by phone on 07747419608.